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Alimony and spousal support are primary concerns for many people facing divorce. Alimony is a court-ordered, recurring payment from one spouse to another after the divorce is finalized, which can be awarded on a temporary, short-term or permanent (long-term) basis.


The dissolution of a marriage does not mean that the financial bond between the couple is immediately terminated. The state of Pennsylvania recognizes a mutual responsibility for support and may grant alimony or spousal support payments to one of the spouses.

How is alimony awarded?

Spousal Support is awarded during the divorce proceeding. Alimony is awarded at the conclusion of the divorce proceeding, which can be lengthy. Instead, courts consider a variety of factors such as:

  • The length of the marriage

  • Age, health and employment of each spouse

  • Earning capacity of each spouse

  • Each spouse’s contribution — both financial and nonfinancial — to the marriage Property division

Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, it is important to seek reliable legal counsel, and most importantly to request alimony before the divorce becomes final.


It is easy to become overwhelmed in trying to navigate the divorce process, especially when things are complicated by alimony. Look no further than The Law Offices of Gordon S. Brown for over thirty years of experience as a divorce and alimony attorney in Delaware County.

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