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The laws governing legal guardianship are complex, and you should obtain professional counsel from a family law specialist if you are seeking to become a child's guardian, or if you want to admit pertinent information to a court guardianship procedure.


Please contact the law offices of Gordon S. Brown. All of our lawyers and associates are   experienced in family and divorce matters in the courts of Delaware County. Contact me with questions about child guardianship or protection of adults who are unable to administrate their own affairs.

Gordon S. Brown is experienced in Delaware County legal guardianship and child custody procedures

One or both parents receive custody of their children as part of a divorce settlement. A legal guardian protects a ward whose parents are no longer capable of raising them, typically due to death or incapacity. Guardianship almost always falls to non-parental parties.

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We are also your representative in adult guardianship cases

When an adult is found by a court of law to be totally incapacitated and unable to manage their own affairs, an "adult guardian" may be appointed.  An individual may also appoint their own guardian ahead of time with a document known as an advance directive.


I can help you determine the best course of action if you, or someone you care about, face a situation where a trusted adult needs to assume responsibility for your medical well-being, your estate or property, or all of your legal affairs.

I can assist you in becoming an adult guardian if a loved one is unable to manage their own affairs. Call


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