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A marriage can end in divorce for a virtually limitless number of reasons. In some cases, spouses retain a friendly relationship, but their family values and ideas regarding life may be vastly different. The unfortunate truth about other divorces is that they involve heated custody or asset battles, and some may involve abuse. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a divorce, the split often leaves an uneven balance favoring one partner.


We are committed to assisting you in moving forward with your life and doing so in a way that minimizes your pain and anguish. In order to overcome the all-too-common shift of power favoring one partner, turn to The Law Offices of Gordon S. Brown to receive the closure you deserve.

My roots here in Chester and Delaware County may help

I know how the court system in this part of Pennsylvania works. I know many of the attorneys and their personalities, and I know many of the presiding judges and what they expect from attorneys and participants in their courtrooms.


With over thirty years of experience with divorce and family law, my primary strategy for getting you through a divorce involves a dedicated work ethic, compassion, and full-service representation of your rights and interests.

Our office takes our service to you very seriously


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