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It is imperative to minimize the profound disruption that can occur in childrens' lives due to divorce. We are aware of the fact that your children mean the world to you.  Everything from housing to living situation and lifestyle can be affected, and can cause lifelong impact. The Law Offices of Gordon S. Brown are here to weather this storm with compassionate service and tireless effort.


In Pennsylvania, child custody and visitation arrangements are not as simple as “Who gets the children?” There are many types of custody arrangements, involving both legal custody (the right to make important decisions about the child) and physical custody (access to the child). For some parents, shared custody may be a viable option.

Fighting for your rights

Unfortunately, emotionally taxing custody disputes are common in divorce cases. And, even after an arrangement has been set, major life changes can render the situation unworkable, and modifications may become necessary.


Child or spousal-related legal matters can be particularly devastating. That is why I do everything possible to bring about a positive, efficient resolution to your child or spousal support case, while minimizing stress and anxiety. I pledge to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and compassion while best protecting interests.


With over twenty five years of experience, the emotional nature of custody disputes is not lost on me. I am here to protect your interests. I assist clients with all stages of child custody and visitation from the outset of the divorce or custody dispute to post-divorce modifications. I also assist grandparents and stepparents with visitation of the minor children.

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Focusing on Family So You Can Focus on the Future

Child Custody

Many times parents believe that custody battles are unnecessary and that both parents will act responsibly, thereby eliminating the need to fight over everything in court. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Personalized, one-on-one attention is key to success in these types of situations. I will constantly be in contact with you and I can be reached at anytime. Rest assured that I will fight for you aggressively and do everything possible to protect the best interests of your children.





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